Miscellaneous Electronic Accessories

Sekonic Combo Spot/Incident Meter

Includes: Sekonic Light Meter Neck Strap Soft Case

Sekonic Combo Spot/Incident Meter

HDMI Splitter (A/C Only)

Includes: HDMI Splitter A/C Adapter

HDMI Splitter (A/C Only)

HDMI Splitter w/ Battery Pack

Includes: HDMI Splitter Battery Pack

HDMI Splitter Battery

Decimator MD-QUAD (Rental)

  • 8-Channel Audio metering for each quadrant
  • Selectable output format in Quad-Split mode
  • Low latency buffering for each input allowing non-synchronous inputs with a…
Decimator MD_QUAD

Decimator II SDI – Comp./HDMI

Includes: Decimator Version 2 A/C Power Supply

Decimator II SDI - Comp./HDMI

Black Magic HDMI to SDI Down Converter

Includes: Black Magic HDMI to SDI Power Supply Manual

Black Magic HDMI to SDI

Alphatron EVF035W-3G EVF

The Alphatron EVF-035W-3G can be used with a wide range of cameras thanks to its HD-SDI and HDMI inputs. Where all previous 3rd party EVF’s...

Alphatron EVF035W 3G EVF

Sony AXS-R5 Recorder w/ (2) 512GB Cards

What's included: R5 Recorder (2) 512gb Memory cards AXS-CR1 card reader w/ac Cable USB Cable

Sony AXS-R5 Recorder