Premier Studio PD-1 Dolly

Folds to a Compact Size

The PD-1 folds to a very small 34″L x 21″W x 16″H, for easy lifting and transportation, fitting into many…

Modern Studio PD-1 Dolly

Modern Studio Doorway Dolly

  • Manufactured by Modern Studio Equipment.
  • 4-wheel steering doorway dolly with upright steering
Modern Studio Equipment Doorway Dolly

Norm’s Doorway Dolly

  • Manufactured by Norm's Studio Equipment.
  • Comes with push bar pull handle, side boards, expanding rear axles, and pop off wheels.
Norm's Doorway Dolly

Matthew’s Doorway Dolly

Matthews builds the strongest platform dollies in the business! For years the Doorway Dolly has proven its versatility on stage and location. Quick change…

Matthew's Doorway Dolly