Ward’s Sniper Mk3 Focusing Aid


Sniper Mk3
Sniper Mk3Sniper Mk3 (camera and other accessories not included)Professional PackageStarter PackageCamera Test
Sniper Mk3 (camera and other accessories not included)Professional PackageStarter PackageCamera Test

Product Highlights

The Starter Package Includes:

  • Mk 3 (Sniper Infrared Laser Assembly)
  • Display (Wireless/Wired)
  • Smoke Iris Assembly
  • Sniper Arm Assembly (Customizable 6-inch extension, Universal 1/4-20 thread, Two 3/8-16 to 1/4-20 thread adaptors included)
  • Xylons: Optical Flat (green)
  • Display Cable 3ft
  • Custom Case (w/ nameplates)

    *custom length cables available upon request*

Available at $9,600

The Pro Package includes everything above plus the following:

  • Pan & Tilt Bracket (Universal 1/4-20 thread, 4 Bank Pro Battery Pack, and Charger w/ 4 Batteries [520mAh])
  • Xylons: 17 degree Aspheron (lens), and 5 degree Aspheron (lens)

Available at $11,300

Now Interfaces With Preston FIZ System (Additional Cable Required)

Cables & Accessories:

  • Alexa Power Cable
  • Sony F55 Cable
  • Panavision Cable
  • Extra Display Cable
  • Preston FIZ Cable

    *Please specify length of cable when ordering*

    *All power cables are 36″ in length with a 90-degree connector at Sniper end*

Replacement Parts:

    • 5 DEGREE $1200 each
    • 17 DEGREE $1200 each
    • OPTICAL FLAT $60 each
  • SMOKE IRIS $135
  • PAN BRACKET $800ea
  •          UPGRADE  to GEARED PAN BRACKET $340
  • 3/8 BASE  $98
  • MARK  3 AND DISPLAY $9,325
    • Firmware  $275
    • Cable        $225

Are you ready for what’s next? Introducing the new Sniper MK3 from Focus technologies. It’s the first focusing aid system incorporating laser technology to measure distance from camera to subject.

No other focusing aid is as accurate or responsive as the Sniper MK3. From the laser assembly system to the OLED display, Adam Ward (founder of Focus Technologies) has created a remarkable new focusing aid is literally lightning fast. Older technology uses sonar to spray out sound waves which crash off the subject and back to the sensor. Much time is lost in this process which can lead to inaccurate or delayed readings. The Sniper MK3, gives you the optical precision and responsive feedback of a laser.

One of the most exciting features of the Sniper MK3 is it’s ability to measure the distance of subjects through glass and mirrors — this is an industry first. Never before has this been possible with traditional sonar based systems. Much like the human eye, which can see through glass and reflections of a mirror, the Sniper MK3 optically differentiates depth. You know the old saying, “Blind as a bat”? Well it’s true, when you rely on sonar. While sonar can be a usable technology, it can only distinguish physical characteristics of objects that it bounces off. When you rely on your eyes to differentiate the distance of objects through reflective and transparent materials, your camera sees what you see, and the Sniper MK3 nails the focus point that you’d expect.

Download the operation manual.


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