Preston 2-Channel FiZ
Preston 2-Channel FiZ

Product Highlights

What's Included:

  • Focus/Iris control + transmitter
  • Microwave Receiver
  • MDR1 motor driver
  • (2) Preston DM1 motors wit mounting
  • Microforce control
  • Motor and control cables
  • P-tap, 24v 3-pin Arri and 4-pin XLR power cables

The Preston 2-Channel FI+Z  Follow Focus system controls the complete array of both lens and camera functions. The system is modular, giving the user a wide range of choices from a basic cable connected system to a full wireless microwave system. The Follow Focus System consists of the Hand Unit, Motor Driver, Digital Motors, optional Microwave Link, cables and motor mounting bracket. The heart of the system is the Hand Unit.

Its robust construction, ergonomic design and quick set-up have all contributed to its position as the “industry standard”. It’s carefully machined exterior matches the phenomenal precision offered by its advanced digital architecture. The unit provides 16 bits of position resolution – 1 part in 64,000 – for incredible smoothness. A bright bar graph display shows the position of the zoom lens. A “Snorkel Mode” enables electronic Pan and Horizon control of Snorkel lenses.

The zoom function is implemented by a Micro Force control. It can be directly connected to the Hand Unit using a bracket or operated remotely using a cable. The camera may be started either from the Micro Force or from the Hand Unit.A unique scale adjustment system makes set-up extremely quick. Any portion of the lens focus, iris, or zoom range may be expanded to the full-scale range of the corresponding control knob with the touch of a switch. In the case of a zoom, electronic limit stops can be set.

The Hand Unit is shown here in its wireless configuration with the Microwave transmitter and the Digital Micro Force control. The Microwave Transmitter is part of the Microwave Link set, comprising the Transmitter, receiver/Voltage converter, Battery Charger, NMH battery and a pair of antennas.

The DM1 (left view) is a powerful all purpose lens motor for follow focus units; it’s designed to turn even the stiffest lenses under all extremes of temperature, vibration, and humidity. Its housing is fabricated from magnesium and coated with a layer of protective ceramic before painting. Its gears employ advanced coating technology to provide long life.