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Product Highlights

The PD-1 brings a revolutionary new concept to camera dollies. There’s no hydraulic system, no electrical system, no pumping required and no counterweights to lug around, and it still gives smooth up and down camera movement. Since Premier Studio has eliminated all those complex systems, they’ve also eliminated all the maintenance that goes along with them.

In addition to the simplicity of the boom system, they’ve made the PD-1 fold up into a very compact size so it can easily be put into almost any type of vehicle, making this the perfect choice for students and small productions.

As with all of Premier Studio’s dollies, the PD-1 has a unitized welded body giving it maximum strength and durability for decades of use, and is finished with a black texture powdercoat that is sun and chemical resistant.

Accessories depicted in photo are not included with price.

Length (Minimum) 34″ (86cm)
Length (Maximum) 44″ (112cm)
Width (Minimum) 21″ (53cm)
Width (Maximum) 32″ (81cm)
Height (Minimum) 16″ (41cm)
Push Bar Height 34″ (86cm)
Carrying Weight 120 lbs (55kg)
Vertical Boom Travel 32″ (81cm)
Low Lens Height (without attachments) 30″ (76cm)
High Lens Height (without Risers) 62″ (157cm)
Maximum Boom Lifting Capacity 75 lbs (34kg)

Folds to a Compact Size

The PD-1 folds to a very small 34″L x 21″W x 16″H, for easy lifting and transportation, fitting into many compact cars and hatchbacks.

Each wheel leg can be adjusted to suit your needs

The wheel legs can be adjusted to 4 different positions, plus the closed position as shown above, for maximum stability or minimum size and in between, just by pulling down a release pin underneath the leg, and moving the leg into position.

Wheels lock or swivel freely

Each wheel pair can easily be set to swivel freely or be locked to any of 12 positions, at 30 degree intervals. This allows for a variety of manuevers, either straight, angled or curved, without the use of track.

4-Way Leveling Head

The Leveling Head is used to make the mounting plate level when the dolly is on an incline, making sure camera panning and tilting are normal.

Locking Utility Holes

Use the two utility holes on each side of the dolly, to mount Seats, Utility Arms, and other attachments.

Smooth Up and Down Boom Movement

By using the crank at the rear of the dolly, you can adjust the boom for the weight of the camera. This enables the boom to move up and down like a jib arm without making any further adjustments.

Movable Boom Brake for Easy “One Man” Operation

The boom brake adds slight friction to the boom arm to prevent unwanted movement. It can be attached to any round tube from 1/2″ to 1-1/4″ diameter. Squeeze the lever to release the brake, then move the boom arm, or lock it in the released position for free movement.

The Boom Locks in the Down Position for transportation and camera changes

With the boom arm in the full down position, engage the lock lever to remove the camera for transportation, enabling boom arm to remain adjusted for the weight of the camera.

Removable Push Bar

The Push Bar is easily removed for transportation by using the 2 knobs at the rear of the dolly frame and the one knob in the center of the push bar.

Track Wheels

With the track wheel option, track wheels are permanently attached between the regular wheels for smooth rolling on straight and curved track. The PD-1 can then be moved from rolling on a smooth floor, to rolling on track, without making wheel changes.

Side Platforms

The optional side platforms give the camera operator extra room for feet and battery packs, and can be attached to either side of the dolly frame.


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