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RedRock Micro Follow Focus

  • In good working condition
  • s/n: Q10462

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RedRock Micro Follow Focus

RedRock Micro eyeSpy Shoulder Rig

RedRock Micro eyeSpy Shoulder Rig kit includes: Weight Block Shoulder Pad DSLR Camera Mounting Bracket, 15mm RedRock Micro Follow Focus MicroLink 4 Riser, Bracket, 15mm Handlebar Clamp w/ 15″ Rod, 15mm (2x) […]

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RedRock Micro eyeSpy Shoulder Rig kit

Revar Cine Rota-Pola 4×5.65/138mm (with or w/o Polarizer)

The Revar Cine Rota-Pola is a geared filter tray with a 138mm polarizer, made to interface with the latest 4×5.65 matte boxes on the market today. It is designed and manufactured in the USA from aircraft-grade aluminum and poly materials.  Commonly referred to as a RotaPola, this geared tray allows for the use of a common 138mm unmounted circular polarizer in a rectangular 4×5.65 matte box tray slot. The tray is also available without glass so you can purchase your own polarizer or special effects filters from leading manufacturers.

SKU (with glass): 1056-ROTA-POLA
SKU (w/o glass): 1056-ROTA-POLA2

Distributed Exclusively by Alan Gordon Enterprises.

New size available! Check out the brand new Revar Cine 6.6×6.6 Rota-Pola

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Revar Cine Rota-Pola with Glass - 4x5.65 Matte Box RotaPola Filter Tray with 138mm Circular Rotating Polarizer