16/S16 Film Camera Bodies

Arri 416 Plus HS Camera w/Video Assist


  • Arri 416 Plus High Speed Camera Body
  • IVS System. NTSC
  • On/Off Handgrip
  • Custom side mounted cheese plate
  • 416 15mm Split bridge plate sled

Bolex H16 SBM Super 16 Camera

Bolex H16 SBM Super 16 Camera

Arriflex SR3 Advanced w/ IVS Color Video Assist

Arriflex SR3 HS Advanced w/IVS Color Video Assist

The ARRIFLEX 16SR 3 / SR 3 Advanced is designed to meet all modern production requirements. With the advanced model the viewfinder brightness has...

Arriflex SR3 w/Custom 2K HD Tap

Bolex H16 Reflex RX4 Super 16

Bolex H16 Reflex RX4 S16 Camera