Rental Policy and Ordering Instructions


Place an Order: (323) 466-3561

Email Inquiries:

Fax an Order: (323) 871-2193


Monday thru Friday, 9:00am – 6:00pm

Closed Weekends and Holidays

Rental Ordering Requirements

  • To arrange a rental, please call (323) 466-3561, Fax (323) 871-2193, or email
  • Download the appropriate Rental Application Form(s) – Requires Adobe Acrobat
  • Complete the Form(s) & fax back to us at (323) 871-2193
  • Submit proof of insurance or use our in-house insurance plan
  • Send Deductible Deposit (Credit Card, Cashier’s Check or Cash)
  • Provide Valid Photo Identification

Rental Application Forms

Rental Policies

MINIMUM CHARGES – All rental transactions will be subject to a $25 Minimum Rental Charge

CANCELLATION POLICIES – In the event of cancellation when on daily or weekly schedule, cancellation charges may apply in consideration of A-G-E’s preparing, holding in reserve or sub-renting equipment, facilities or vehicles on your behalf.


RETURN THE EQUIPMENT at A-G-E BY 10AM (Between 8:30AM – 10AM only)

LATE CHARGES A full additional day’s rental will be charged for any Equipment not returned by 10:00 AM.

WEEKENDS AND HOLIDAYS When on a daily schedule, you will be charged the daily rental rate for weekend days & Holidays.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS – Download a full description of our Terms & Conditions

Things To Remember

To ensure availability, please make equipment reservations at least one week in advance.

Insurance Requirements

The Applicant must provide Alan Gordon Enterprises (A-G-E) with a Certificate of Insurance.

Note: We do not accept insurance from all insurance brokers; we are happy to provide you with those names upon request.

Please contact us prior to purchasing your coverage.

Acceptable insurance coverage must name Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc. as “loss payee” for the rental of all equipment.

The coverage must equal or exceed the replacement value of all rented equipment.

The insurance certificate must be valid for the duration of the rental period. If A-G-E agrees to extend the time of the rental contract, the Applicant is responsible for obtaining and providing A-G-E with a certificate of insurance covering the extended rental period.

Insurance must be provided for coverage of the equipment in transit.

The Applicant may be responsible for leaving a deposit equal to the deductible amount for loss payee coverage and/or additionally insured coverage, whichever is greater, as stated on the insurance policy.

Coverage must include Loss of Use and Unattended Vehicle.

Arrangements for coverage must be made on advance of each and every rental transaction.

Payment Terms

RENTAL DEPOSIT is required in order to reserve equipment.

  • The Rental Deposit amount is for full replacement value of equipment
  • The Deposit is held until all rental equipment has been returned in satisfactory condition plus inspected and tested by A-G-E.
  • The Rental Deposit payment can be accepted in the form of Cash, Credit (Visa, MC, or AMX), and Cashier’s Check. Personal checks are not accepted.


  • Actual rental equipment payment methods can be accepted in: Cash, Credit (Visa, MC, or AMX), Cashier’s check, Traveler’s Checks, and Purchase Orders for Customers with established accounts only. Personal checks are not accepted.
  • Rental invoices plus loss and damage invoices are payable upon receipt of invoice and not later than net 10 days.