Sales Policy and Ordering Instructions


Product Information: (323) 466-3561

Place an Order: 1-800-825-6684

Fax an Order: (323) 871-2193



Ensure prompt pickup/delivery with a call/email to check availability.

Use our Credit Card Approval form

Prices and Availability:

All items are subject to change without notice. Used items are subject to availability.


Shipments on open accounts will be made only to firms and individuals with approved credit.

If you desire to establish credit, you may do so by supplying necessary references. To avoid delay in processing your order we recommend you send trade and bank reference or D & B rating prior to your order so credit can be established. Terms are net ten days with established credit.


Prices are F.O.B. our plant unless otherwise indicated by an authorized A-G-E representative.

When ordering please indicate your preference of carrier and method of shipment, otherwise, we will ship by the method we deem best.

Responsibility for safe arrival lies with the transportation company. Should loss or damage occur, notify the carrier’s claim department at the destination. Report loss or damage immediately to delivering carrier and request inspection. Your items will ship insured unless you advise otherwise.

All other claims must be submitted in writing within five days after receipt of merchandise.

The selling price does not include special packing or handling.


Sales tax will be added on all shipments in the State of California unless purchased for resale. A valid resale certificate must accompany order when the purchase is for resale.

Foreign Terms:

Payment in U.S. funds by wire transfer.

Extended payment terms are available in specific cases on request. Proforma invoices will be supplied by A-G-E on request.

Returned Goods:

Merchandise cannot be returned for credit unless permission has been obtained from an authorized representative of A-G-E within ten days of receipt of equipment.

If goods are returned for credit due to Customer’s mistake, exchange for other goods or other causes beyond our control, a service and re-stocking charge of 20% of the merchandise will be charged. Goods must be returned freight pre-paid.