Student Rental Discount

Discounted Rental Rate Program Overview

Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc is an HD, Video and Film Equipment Rental and Sales facility located in the heart of Hollywood, CA. We cater to filmmakers of all types and it is our goal to support and encourage student filmmakers since THEY are the future of our industry. We at Alan Gordon Enterprises intend to help them along their journey by offering them free seminars pertaining to real-world shooting tips & tricks, equipment training, equipment rental procedures and most importantly, a great discount on all rentals.

Registered Students receive a 20% discount on our regular rental rates (student ID required at time of renting). Our equipment is subject to availability and is a “first come first served basis”.

Please review our Rental Insurance policies to assure the smoothest rental process.

What You Need To Bring

  • Photo ID (current Driver’s License or Passport)
  • Student ID (current)

Student Discounts

Currently-registered film students are eligible for the normal 20% discount on all rental rates when they rent with us. When you are quoted via phone or email please remember to indicate to the agent that you are a student so they can apply the 20% discount to the quote. At time of the rental pickup, you must have the student ID with all other important and required documentation requested by the agents. $25 minimum rental still applies.

Rental Applications

Shortly after school starts students will generally have a good idea of when they will need to shoot during the semester. Having those students fill out the Student Application form would insure an open account with us and an early reservation that would guarantee the equipment will be in house and ready for pick-up on those dates. Students can download this form here. Any problems or questions you may email Tim Dillard via email or call 323-466-3561.

Credit Card Authorization Application

If a rental is paid for and/or deposit is left on a credit card that is NOT that of the student who is physically renting the equipment then a Credit Card Authorization Form is to be filled out and signed by the CARD HOLDER (i.e parents, another production member, a company, etc.). Students can download this form here. Any problems or questions you may email Tim Dillard via email or call 323-466-3561.

School Insurance and Deposits for Rentals

Your school may offer full value deductibles or partial value deductibles while others offer no insurance. If your school’s insurance has “zero deductible policy” then you will not need to leave a deposit. Please make sure to also bring the confirmation letter from your instructor to utilize your school’s insurance policy.  If your school’s insurance has a “deductible”, then you will need to leave a deposit in the amount of the deductible. We accept cash and credit card only.

Personal Insurance and Deposits

If you choose to use your own insurance then you will need to leave the full deductible deposit amount based on the terms and conditions of your insurance policy. We accept credit cards and cash only.

All inquiries regarding renting, the discounts, rental equipment or insurance can be directed to the Rental Manager (Tim Dillard) at or call 323-466-3561.