LED Lighting

ItemDay Rate
Litepanels Microlight with AA batteries$25
Litepanels Ring Light Mini$125
Stick Light, 3600K-5600K$20

Kino Lighting

ItemDay Rate
Kino 4' 4-Bank Light$60
Kino 4' 2-Bank Light$40
Kino 2' 1-Bank Light$30
Kino Diva 400$60
Kino Diva 200$40
Kino Mini Flo "Car Kit" Light Kit 12"$50
Kino Mini Flo "Car Kit" Light Kit 9"$35

HMI Lighting

ItemDay Rate
1200w HMI with flicker free ballast$125

Tungsten Lighting

ItemDay Rate
Arri 150w Fresnel light with stand$15
Arri 650 Fresnel$20
Arri 300 W Fresnel w/ stand$20
Lowel Tota/Omni Core Light Kit$65
Arri 650/300 Fresnel Lighting Kit$90
Arri Pepper Lighting Kit [Includes 4 lights: 650, 300, (2)150 lights]$90
Arri Soft Bank II Kit [Arri 1K w/ Chimera + 3 Fresnels (650w, 300w, any combination)]$90