Used Dollies and Jibs

Used Focus Micro Jib

What’s Included:

  • Focus Micro Jib
  • 100mm Mounting Plate
  • Weight Extension Bar
  • Sliding Weight Clamp
  • Molded Tripod Case
Focus Micro Jib for sale

Used J Michael Media LLC Type-S Jib Camera Crane

  • Aluminum Construction
  • 51″ Jib Length
  • Hardigg Storm Case
  • 15 lbs Capacity
Type-S Jib

Used Elemack Cricket Dolly Package

What’s Included:

  • Refurbished Elemack Cricket Dolly
  • (4) Combo Wheels
  • (2) Seat With 2-Piece Posts Each
  • Stearing Bar
  • (3) Walk-around/Sideboards
  • Hand Pump
  • 3-Way Mitchell Leveling…
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Traveller J-20 Jib

  • Has sectional components which allow for compact storage in 2 compact carrying cases making for easy transport by just about any and all compact…
Traveller J-20 Jib