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20-100mm Used S35 T3.1 Cooke Varotal Lens PL Mount (S/N 786694)

This lens is in good working condition.



Product > Used > Lenses Used > 35 Mm Lenses Used > Zooms 35mm Lenses Used > Used S35 20 100mm T3 1 Cooke Varotal Lens Pl Mount S N 786694

Used 10-100mm Zeiss Vario Sonnar Mark II T2 PL Mount (S/N 7051057)

This Mark II Vario Sonnar lens is in exceptional condition, with outstanding glass.

This is a Standard 16 lens with a PL Mount.



Product > Used > Lenses Used > 16mm Lenses Used > 16mm > Used 10 100mm Zeiss Vario Sonnar Mark Ii T2 Pl Mount S N 7051057

Used Sachtler Panorama 7+7 100mm Ball Fluid Head (s/n 6445)

  • Recently serviced



Product > Used > Tripods Used > Fluid Heads > Used Sachtler Panorama 77 100mm Ball S N 6445

Tokina 100mm Macro (PL Mount)

Rental > Lenses > 35mm > Macros > Tokina 100mm Macro Pl Mount

100mm Used Leica Elmarit-R f2.8 Macro EF Mount S/N 3792744

Very Good Condition

Sales > Used > Lenses > Fullframe > Primes > 100mm Macro Leica Elmarit 3792744

Cartoni Focus Head, 100mm Tripod & Spreader System

Rental > Support > Heads Tripods > Cartoni Focus Head 100mm Tripod Spreader System

Fujinon Premista 28-100mm FF Lens (PL Mount)

Fujinon Premista 28-100 Full Frame Lens

Rental > Lenses > Full Frame Prime Zoom Lenses > Fujinon Premista 28 100mm Ff Lens

Fujinon Premista 28-100 Full Frame Lens

Sigma Cine 50-100mm T2 Zoom (PL Mount)

The Sigma 50-100mm T2 Cine High-Speed Zoom Lens (Feet) with a Canon EF mount provides an image circle that covers Super 35mm-sized sensors. It features a maximum T-stop of 2, and the […]

Rental > Lenses > 35mm > Zooms > Sigma Cine 50 100mm T2 Ff Zoom

Sigma Cine 50-100mm T2 Full Frame Zoom Lens

Zeiss 10-100mm T2 Zoom Lens (PL Mount)

Rental > Lenses > 16 S16mm > Regular 16mm Primes Zooms > Zeiss 10 100mm

10-100mm T2 Zeiss Vario Sonnar

Standard Speed 100mm Used Arri/Zeiss LDS T1.9 Ultra Prime Lens

  • In Good Working Condition
  • PL Mount
  • Comes with front and rear caps

Sales > Used > Lenses > 35mm > Primes > Arri Zeiss 100mm Lds Ultra Prime

Arri / Zeiss 100mm LDS Ultra Prime Lens for sale - front element