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Used 150mm Bowl Hi-Hat

Used 150mm Hi-hat


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150mm Bowl Hi-Hat

Hi-Hat Board (Pre-Drilled or Solid)

The Hi-Hat and Low-Hat Mounting Board from Alan Gordon Enterprises is an 18″ x 18″, 3/4″ thick plywood board for mounting a hi-hat or low-hat. It features a 6″ diameter opening in the center to accommodate and provide access to the tiedown on 75mm and 100mm ball heads, and two hand holes for easy transport of the board. The corners of the board are cut, producing an octagonal shape that allows the board to fit into tighter spaces.

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Hi-Hat Board Pre-Drilled (Alan Gordon Hi-Hat's Only)

Hi & Low Hats

Our Hi and Lo Hats are perfect for capturing extremely low camera angles. We exclusively design and manufacture 5 models of Hi and Lo Hats to support the most popular Tripod heads; Mitchell base, 75mm, 100mm, or 150mm. Our Hi and Lo Hats are made of machined aluminum casting, and finished with a sleek powder-coated hammertone black finish.

Made in the USA

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Mitchell Hi Hat, Mitchell Lo Hat, 75mm Hi hat, 100mm Hi hat, and 150mm Hi hat

Kish Anamorphic F/X Lens Mesmerizer

In excellent condition

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Kish Anamorphic F/X Lens Mesmerizer

Used Arriflex 435ES 4-Perf Anamorphic

  • Camera and components to serviced by an Arri technician at the time of sale at no additional cost.
  • Excellent working condition.

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American Film: A Brief History

American Film: A Brief History Although several inventors from America, Britain, France and Germany were working on the idea of simultaneously, credit for the invention of the motion pictures camera […]

ikan D5w – 5.6″ 3G-SDI LCD Monitor w/ Hi-Def Panel (Waveform)

  • 1280 x 800 HD panel
  • Waveform, Vector Scope, & RGB Parade
  • False color with adjustable under luminance and over luminance warning
  • Clip guide with adjustable threshold
  • Peaking with red outline
  • DSLR Scaling

Video Inputs

  • 3G-SDI
  • HDMI

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ikan D5w – 5.6″ 3G-SDI LCD Monitor w/ Hi-Def

Camera Comfort Cushion

The Camera Comfort Cushion is a shoulder pad designed for camera operators to help prevent shoulder pain and discomfort associated with continuous shooting. Our cushion is designed to give maximum flexibility suited to the camera operator and his or her equipment. The cushion works with a variety of camera sizes from shoulder-mounted MiniDV cameras to broadcast-sized and motion picture film cameras.

Regular: $59.95
SKU: 1050-Cushion

Regular (w/ Panavision Logo): $59.95
SKU: 1050-CushionPV

XL: $79.99
SKU: 1050-CushionXL

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Camera Comfort Cushion

Used Sachtler 7+7 Fluid Head (150mm Base)

Counterbalance control

110lb (50kg) max capacity; +90° to -60° tilt

Includes QR plate, pan arm, tie down, (2) 3/8″ screws, and case

*Hi Hat not included

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Sachtler 7+7 Fluid Head (150mm Base)

Used Arri Alexa XT Plus 4:3 Camera Package w/ Open Gate S/N: 8520

Custom modified to adapt to all of the demands of todays production requirements.

  • In Good Working Condition
  • S/N: 8520
  • 5721 Hours
  • PL Mount

Licenses Includes:

  • ARRIRAW in 16:9 and 4:3 Anamorphic
  • High Speed, 120fps in 1080p, ProRes
  • 3.2K in 16×9, ProRes and ArriRaw
  • 2K in 4:3, ProRes
  • 2.8K in 4:3, ArriRaw

Open Gate:

  • 3.4K in Open Gate, ArriRaw, 24-75fps


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Arri Alexa XT Plus 4x3 Camera