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Used Arriflex 535B 3-Perf Camera Package

  • Excellent working condition. Camera and components have been regularly maintained. Camera will be serviced at the time of sale by an Arriflex technician at no additional cost.
  • Note: Please contact us for an accurate shipping quote.


  • Camera Package Contents may vary base upon availability.

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Arriflex 535B 3-Perf Camera Package

Kowa Anamorphic Lenses

Available¬†Focal Lengths: 32mm Wide Angle Attachment 40mm Kowa Anamorphic T2.3 PL cf/3 50mm Kowa Anamorphic T2.3 PL cf/3 75mm Kowa Anamorphic T2.8 PL cf/3 100mm Kowa Anamorphic T3.4 PL cf/5 […]

Rental > Lenses > Anamorphic > Kowa Prominar Anamorphic

Kowa Prominar Anamorphic Lens Set - LA Rental

Kowa Cine Prominar (PL) Set of 8

Kowa Cine Prominar Vintage Primes 15mm KOWA Cine Prominar T4 PL cf/1 20mm KOWA Cine Prominar T2.6 PL cf/1 25mm KOWA Cine Prominar T2.3 PL cf/1 32mm KOWA Cine Prominar […]

Rental > Lenses > 35mm > Classic Lens Primes > Kowa Cine Prominar

Leica Summicron-C (PL) Set of 6

18mm Leica Summicron – C T2 PL cf/1 95 OD 25mm Leica Summicron – C T2 PL cf1 95 OD 35mm Leica Summicron – C T2 cf/1.2 95 OD 50mm […]

Rental > Lenses > 35mm > Primes > Leica Summicron C

Leica Summicron-C Lens Set Rental

Arri 416 Plus HS Camera w/Video Assist

Included: Arri 416 Plus High Speed Camera Body IVS System. NTSC On/Off Handgrip Custom side mounted cheese plate 416 15mm Split bridge plate sled 416 EXD-1 External Display 416 3-pin […]

Rental > Film > Camera Bodies > Arri 416

Arri Amira Premium License

ARRI AMIRA A versatile documentary-style camera that combines exceptional image quality and affordable CFast 2.0 workflows with an ergonomic design optimized for single-operator use and extended shoulder-mounted operation. Ready to […]

Rental > Video > Digital Cinema > Arri Amira

Arri Amira - Los Angeles - Hollywood - LA Rental

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Sony PXW-FS7

The Sony FS7 features a 4K Super35 sensor that gives you 14 stops of latitude as well as a wide color gamut. Two choices of codecs are available: XAVC or […]

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sony fs7 - Los Angeles Rental

Canon C300 Mark II (EF or PL Mount)

MAIN FEATURES Canon Super 35mm CMOS Sensor Modeled on the Super 35mm 3-perf motion picture film standard, the Canon CMOS sensor has an active image size of 24.4 x 13.5mm. […]

Rental > Video > Digital Cinema > Canon C300 Mk2

C300 Mk II - LA Rental