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Used Arri FSND 4×5.65″ Filter Kit (MISC FILTERS INCLUDED)

All filters in excellent condition, and measure 4×5.65″



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ND Grad Soft Edge Filters

Graduated Neutral Density filters are used to balance exposure within a scene. One very common use is to balance the exposure of sky and earth in a landscape, avoiding overexposed blank white skies.

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Schneider ND Grad Soft Edge Filters

Neutral Density (ND) Filters

Schneider Neutral Density (ND) filters are designed to control exposure or depth of field under various lighting conditions without affecting color or contrast.

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Schneider ND Filter

*SOLD* Tiffen 4×5.65 ND Filter (3, 6, 9)

These are some of the more commonly used filters in the film and digital world. They are in good shape as they had one owner.



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4×5.65/138mm Variable ND Kit

What’s in the box: Kit A

  • 4×5.65 width Rota-Tray with 138mm Circular Polarizer
  • 4×5.65 Linear Polarizer
  • Storage Pouches

What’s in the box: Kit B

  • 138mm Circular Polarizer Pola+
  • 4×5.65 Linear Polarizer
  • Storage Pouches

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Variable ND Kit A

6.6 x 6.6 Filters

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6x6 Filters

4 x 5.65 Filters

    B/W Camera Filters

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4x5 Filters

4 x 4 Filters

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4x4 Filters

4 1/2″ Filters

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4 1/2 Filters

Clear (Optical Flat) Filters

During stunts which can damage a lens, Schneider Optical Flats protect expensive front elements and other filters while providing the truest image, free of unwanted color shifts.

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Schneider Clear (Optical Flat) Filters