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Revar Cine 138mm Close-Up Diopter

Close Up Diopters enable you to get closer focus on large cinema lenses while maintaining edge sharpness and overall image performance. Perfect for anamorphic lenses which generally have an increased minimum focus, these large diopters allow you to reduce your minimum focus distance by as much as half. Made from the highest quality Schott BK7 glass, these diopters feature image performance beyond the finest comparable brands available with a broadband anti reflective coating to maintain your lenses original look. Compatible with all 138mm capable matte boxes and accessory trays including Arri LMB 138mm rear stages, Bright Tangerine ONE Tray, Cinemechanics, and others.

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Revar Cine V-Raptor Scale Model

The camera of your dreams is now being sold as an affordable, intricately detailed model — made by Revar Cine. Say hello to the Mini RED V-RAPTOR Scale Model. This model feels like a premium product in your hand, made entirely from high-quality, anodized aluminum. Measuring 5 inches (125mm) in length, 2 inches (50mm) in width, and 2 inches (50mm) in height, this compact camera weighs in at 1.8 lbs (800g), making it easy to carry with you wherever you go. And with only 300 units available, each Revar Cine Mini RED V-RAPTOR Scale Model is sure to be a collectible item, with each camera and lens having a unique serial number. The camera body brain even has  1/4-20″ threaded bottom for mounting on real tripods or gimbals!

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4×5.65/138mm Variable ND Kit

What’s in the box: Kit A

  • 4×5.65 width Rota-Tray with 138mm Circular Polarizer
  • 4×5.65 Linear Polarizer
  • Storage Pouches

What’s in the box: Kit B

  • 138mm Circular Polarizer Pola+
  • 4×5.65 Linear Polarizer
  • Storage Pouches

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Variable ND Kit A