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Block Battery Linkey Block

The Linkey Block is the most universal accessory battery in the market. A true 14.4 volt professional battery, the Linkey Block can power (via the D-Tap connector) any load up to 10 amps. The Linkey Block’s unique design allows it to slip easily into a RoboCup, or clip quickly onto any C-Stand. The two threaded inserts on either end of the Linkey Block allow attachment to baby pins, monitors, or receivers. The Linkey Block has two simultaneous USB outputs at 2.5 amps each.

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Battery and cable accessories

Block Battery HCL-435


A Dual Voltage cartridge based Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) block designed for high power light applications requiring 48 and/or 24vdc. The HCL-435 utilizes the “Safe Lithium” technology to provide 435WHrs of reliable power for more than 1000 life cycles. Using the SkyPlate and the integrated power regulator, the HCL-435 mounts directly on the back of any SkyPanel light and powers the light at 100% for approximately one hour.

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Block Battery SLi-D600


The Cartridge based Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) blocks are the most versatile Block Battery designed for cinematic production applications. Utilizing innovative design concepts, the SLi Series provides an advanced feature set including QuickCell modularity, AutoBalance technology and an uninterruptible power mode. The SLi-D600 comes standard with multiple simultaneous voltage outputs, a 16vdc nominal voltage output and a regulated 28vdc voltage output. The SLi-D600 is 560WHr weighs only 18lbs and is perfect for camera packages up to 300 watt continuous power requirement.

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Block Battery

Series T800 30v 800w Double Block (Primarily Used For Lighting)

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Series S800 14/28v 800w Double Block

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Series S400 14/28v 400w Single Block

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NK 1428 Single 14/28v 400w block

Battery Blocks & Belts

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Used Arri Amira Camera Package PL Mount (S/N 15690)

  • Serial Number: 15690
  • Hours: 2235
  • Includes custom 24v power distribution box – allows camera to be powered from 24v battery block


What’s Included:

  • Amira Camera Body PL Mount (S/N 15690)
  • Electronic Viewfinder
  • Viewfinder Bracket
  • Viewfinder Cable
  • Viewfinder Extension Arm
  • Top Cheese Plate
  • Top Handle
  • Bridge Plate Adapter (w/ Shoulder Pad)
  • Wedge Plate Adapter (w/ Shoulder Pad)
  • QRP-1
  • Power Cable
  • (3) 256GB Sandisk Extreme Pro CFast 2.0 Memory Card
  • Codex CFast Card Reader USB 3.0
  • USB 3.0 Micro B-Type Cable 3′
  • PL Mount
  • Custom 24v Power Distro Box
  • Case



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Revar Cine 4×5.65 Anti-Reflection Filter Wedges

Revar Cine Anti-Reflection Filter Wedges are designed to be used in 4×5.65 matte boxes that adhere to the Arri standard width and have no dividers between the tray slots. Simply remove an empty tray tilt the tray containing a filter and lock it into the tilted position. Insert one wedge on the top and one on the bottom to secure the tilted tray in place.

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Revar Cine 4×5.65/138mm Close Up Diopter Double Tray

This 4×5.65 width tray fits one 138mm round mounted cinema filter. Occupying two slots in a 4×5.65 matte box, this tray allows use of 138mm Close Up Diopters from +0.25 to +2 strength. You can use any 138mm round filter of any type in the tray. All metal construction with mounting holes for other camera accessories including cable management. The tray has lock mechanism for holding the tray in place in addition to the matte box tray set screws.

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