TLS Canon K-35 Rehoused (PL Mount)

Day Rate
$330/lens (5 minimum)

Canon K35 TLS Rehoused Lens Set for rent

Product Highlights


Canon's answer to the Zeiss Super Speeds, these cinema lenses won an Academy Award in 1977 and were used most notably on the film Aliens (1986).  Fast and small, the glass elements exhibit less sharpness and contrast than most modern lenses, but more contrast and sharpness than the Kowa Cine Prominars. Our partners at True Lens Services (TLS) rehoused these elements for mechanical precision without sacrificing the optical quality or look.


(5-lens minimum for rental)

Canon K35 TLS Rehoused Focal Lengths available:

  • 14mm Canon FD TLS Rehoused
  • 18mm Canon K-35 TLS Rehoused
  • 24mm Canon K-35 TLS Rehoused
  • 35mm Canon K-35 TLS Rehoused
  • 55mm Canon K-35 TLS Rehoused
  • 85mm Canon K-35 TLS Rehoused
  • 100mm Canon FD TLS Rehoused
  • 135mm Canon FD TLS Rehoused


(5-lens minimum for rental)