Product Highlights

The GL Optics Leica R Super Speed Set comprises six Leica R prime lenses that have been re-engineered for use in the cinema. The set contains lenses with focal lengths of 19mm T2.8, 28mm T2.8, 35mm T1.4, 50mm T1.4, 80mm T1.4, and 135mm T2.8, which all cover full-frame formats. The lenses are packaged in a durable flight case.

GL Optics modifies each lens during the re-housing process by adding a stainless steel PL mount, a 95mm front diameter, and a de-clicked aperture control ring to accommodate professional cinema cameras. Standard mod 0.8 focus and iris gears are placed at consistent positions on all lenses, facilitating rapid lens changes without having to adjust the follow focus position. Furthermore, all lenses, except for the 19mm (which rotates 120°), have a 330° focus rotation for smooth and precise focus adjustments. Focus and aperture markings are located on the side of the lenses for ease of viewing by focus pullers.

Available Lenses: 19mm T2.9 / 24mm T2.9 / 28mm T2.9 / 35mm T1.5 /50mm T1.5 / 80mm T1.5 / 135mm T2.9