Olympus OM Zuiko FF Primes (PL Mount) – Rehoused by ZeroØptik

Day Rate
$275/lens (5-lens minimum)

Product Highlights

The Zuiko, "Light of the Gods," Olympus OM system lens is a coveted lens in cinematography, renowned for it's distinct clear, vintage look delivered at a compact form-factor.

These PL mount lenses offer the classic Olympus OM look you love in a beautiful set of high quality, consistent lenses. Almost every lens in this set has a T2.2 aperture, and they all share the same front diameter of 95mm.

This set also offers the most diversity of focal lengths to ever be offered in a set of Olympus OM lenses, including even macro and telephoto options.

Lenses Offered:

  • 21mm T2.3
  • 24mm T2.2
  • 28mm T2.2
  • 35mm T2.2
  • 40mm T2.2
  • 50mm (Macro) T2.2
  • 60mm T1.8
  • 85mm T2.2
  • 90mm (Macro) T2.2
  • 100mm T2.1
  • 135mm T2.9


  • $275 per lens/day (minimum of 5 lenses)