O’Connor 2560 Fluid Head

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O'Connor Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head
O'Connor Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head

Product Highlights

The Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head Package from OConnor is designed for use with the current crop of digital cinema cameras.
Weighing less than 18 pounds, 2560 is capable of supporting camera payloads up to 66 pounds at a 6" center of gravity above the platform,
making it well suited for cameras such as the ARRI Alexa Mini or MIni LF in a portable configuration or any lightweight digital cinema
camera in a full studio configuration. The head comes packaged with either a Mitchell base and a 150mm ball base  with tie-downs for
expanded tripod compatibility. It also comes with a large Euro-style quick release, a pan handle, and a pan handle extension.

  • Playload: 66 lb at 6" Center of Gravity
  • Mitchell Base & Tiedown
  • 150mm Ball Base Adapter & Tiedown
  • Sinusoidal Counterbalance System
  • Stepless Pan & Tilt Fluid Drag
  • Euro-Style Quick Release
  • Pan Handle & Pan Handle Extension