Kim Wipes Push Up Box


Kim Wipes Push Up Dispensor BoxKim Wipes Push Up Dispensor Box

Product Highlights

Laboratory convenience items are often times underestimated in terms of their usefulness and their contribution to increasing laboratory productivity. In this case, anyone who has actually seen how this Kimwipe dispenser works, never suffers from the inability to recognize the value of such an item.

Push-Up Dispenser for 4.5″ x 8.5″

No More “Digging” for the Last of the Kimwipes!

As the Kimwipes box becomes less and less full, the pulling out of the next wiper becomes less and less easy and finally, there is the point where pulling out the next wiper just becomes almost more difficult than it is worth and the box is prematurely discarded. The SPI Supplies Push-Up Dispenser Box solves this problem by making sure that the top-most tissue is always pushed to the top and in an easy to use position for easy grasping. The user of a Push-Up box will never ever have to dig around in the box for a tissue again!

The “secret” of course is the molded plastic “oval” that matches up with the paper pull-out oval in the Kimwipes box. Once the box is placed over the oval, there is a constant force upwards to keep the wipers at all times at the top of the box.

Ease of Use:

The Kimwipes as well as the dispenser are completely portable and can be moved to any location in the laboratory where it might be needed (or where it is the most ergonomically comfortable). We do not envision that a wall installation would be very convenient although it certainly could be done if strong double sided mounting tape was employed. Of course if the dispenser is permanently installed, the tissues are not always going to be in a convenient location for the work being done.

And because high impact polystyrene is used for its construction, and it features a one-piece injection molded design, even a liquid spill is not likely to damage the dry wipers still in the white and green Kimwipes box. Now we won’t guarantee that the dispenser box won’t break if dropped, but our own drop tests could not cause the dispenser to break.


The dispensers are available individually in packs of one or in Economy packs of 10, where the per dispenser price is substantially lower.