Pocket Mini Director’s Viewfinder


Pocket Mini Viewfinder by Alan Gordon EnterprisesHand holding collapsed Pocket Mini Director's ViewfinderHand holding extended Pocket Mini Director's ViewfinderHands holding extended Pocket Mini Director's ViewfinderPocket Mini Director's Viewfinder kit - viewfinder, pouch, cap, microfiber clothPocket Mini Director's Viewfinder – standing with extended barrelPocket Mini Director's Viewfinder – standing with locked barrel

Product Highlights

The Pocket Mini 11:1 Director’s Viewfinder is one of the lightest and most compact models of the Viewfinders sold through Alan Gordon Enterprises, Inc. It is designed for the budget-conscious filmmaker and made to meet today’s requirements for both theatrical motion picture and television production.

SKU: 1000-03-MINIPOC

The Pocket Mini Director’s Viewfinder is a proven, versatile accessory for directors, cinematographers, production designers, set builders and location scouts in the film and television industry. Used as recommended, this instrument will improve creativity and flexibility in defining choices of lenses, angles, and coverage in the studio or on location.

The Pocket Mini Director’s Viewfinder features various aspect ratios for you to choose from. Various lens focal lengths are clearly marked along the barrel of the Director’s Viewfinder providing you with rapid selection of lens focal lengths. The Collapsible Rubber Eye Cup can be collapsed to a folded position thus allowing those wearing glasses to position the finder close to the eye for maximum clarity of viewing and prevents the scratching of your glasses. You may gently turn the rubber eyecup counterclockwise to adjust the focus. Telescopes from 2 1/2″ to 3 1/2″.

The Pocket Mini viewfinder will give you readings for a number of digital sensors within 10% of a given lens focal length. This viewfinder offers coverage for the popular S35 format. Examples of compatible S35 cameras include but are not limited to: Arri Alexa, Sony F55, Red Cameras, and Canon C300 MKII.

  • Aspect Ratios: 1.33:1, 16×9, 1.85:1, 2.35:1
  • S16 range: 10mm – 114mm
  • S35mm range: 18mm – 200mm
  • Anamorphic range: 35mm – 400mm
  • 1/2″ sensor range: 5.2mm – 58mm
  • 2/3″ sensor range: 7.2mm – 80mm