150mm-600mm Used Century T6.7 Zoom Lens PL Mount (s/n: C28538) Minimum Focus 10’


Product Highlights

This Used lens is a result of Century Optics repurposing the Canon 150-600mm lens. The mechanics
were updated resulting in a consistent look throughout the zoom.
This lens comes fully equipped with the most requested accessories.


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Front and Rear Caps
Heden M26T Zoom Motor (s/n: 25188)
Zoom Motor Holder
Lens Support
Lens Shade
Panavision Mount w/ Rear Cap
(2ea.) 15mm Lens Supports
(2ea.) 24” 15 mm Rods
(2ea.) 5” 15 mm Rods
18” Baseplate
MicroForce V+F (s/n: 93033)
MicroForce Pouch
Lens Support
Matte Box Bracket
Support Ring
(2ea.) MicroForce Cables
MicroForce Zoom Cable
12V MicroForce Power Cable
(4ea.) 40.5 Filters (N3,6,9,Pola)
(2ea.) 40.5 Filters (Clear)

Weight 38 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 9 × 10 in