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Used Sachtler Video 25 150mm Bowl Fluid Head (S/N H25528)

  • 150mm Ball Base
  • Recently serviced




S/N H25528



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Used Cooke S4 (and i Series) 15 Lens Set

These beautiful Cooke lenses were previously owned by award winning Director of Photography, Salvatore Totino ASC, and all 15 lenses are in excellent condition. These exact lenses were used by Salvatore on the following films:

  • Cinderella Man
  • The DaVinci Code
  • Frost/Nixon
  • Angels and Demons
  • People Like Us
  • Spiderman Homecoming
  • Bird Box


The lenses were consistently maintained & serviced by Keslow Camera.


The kit sells as a complete set only, and ships in 3 cases.


Case #1 (14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 21mm, 25mm, 27mm)

22.5″ x 16″ x 14″

51 lbs


Case #2 (32mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 65mm, 75mm)

22.5″ x 16″ x 14″

49 lbs


Case #3 (100mm, 135mm, 150mm)

22″ x 11″ x 15″

35 lbs


What’s Included:

  • 14mm S/N 0384
  • 16mm S/N 0116
  • 18mm S/N 0362
  • 21mm S/N 0166
  • 25mm S/N 0361
  • 27mm S/N 0150
  • 32mm S/N 0360
  • 35mm S/N 0956 (i-Series)
  • 40mm S/N 0416
  • 50mm S/N 0363
  • 65mm S/N 0064
  • 75mm S/N 0363
  • 100mm S/N 0353
  • 135mm S/N 0198
  • 150mm S/N 0937 (i-Series)
  • (3) Lens Cases w/ Custom Cut Foam



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Revar Cine 4×5.65 Filter Cartridge

The 4×5.65 Filter Cartridge is a hard case designed to hold one 4×5.65 cinema filter. Protect your valuable cinema filter investment in a way that is far superior to existing industry standard soft filter pouches. This case will protect your filters and allow for ease of use that is far superior to standard filter pouches. This case features an angled lid allowing for the edges of the filter to be exposed when open in order to pull the filter out without touching the front or back. Internal rails keep the filter from touching the flat glass surfaces with rail thickness that does not exceed a normal matte box tray frame. Each Cartridge has raised surfaces that facilitate stacking in a drawer or camera case. They are held together with weak alignment magnets. These magnets allow the Cartridge to line up effortlessly when stacking in your other cases. The projections on the side of the case hold the alignment magnets but also create place for a rubber band or gaffers tape to be applied securely without slipping if you wish to secure multiple cases stacked outside your camera case. We do not put strong magnets in the Filter Cartridge to avoid accidental separation if carrying multiple cases in a stack outside your camera case. Each case has a 10mm flat surface on the top, bottom and in between the stacking grooves to allow for labels either preprinted or using tape. Made from injection molded durable PA66 poly compound, this case will stand up to daily professional use able to withstand temperatures over 200C with insulating properties to protect the glass and maximum impact resistance. The case is a 4 part assembly that opens with screws if the inside needs to be cleaned or serviced. Weighing in at 115g (4oz), this filter case will not add unnecessary weight while bringing a high level of protection. The integrated latch mechanism on the top lid is designed to withstand years of daily use.
Step up from traditional filter pouches to provide peace of mind and superior ease of use.

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*SOLD* BRAND NEW 16SR 3 HS Advanced Package S/N 9201



This 16SR 3 HS Advanced is the last of its kind. Never before has this camera been used, leaving it in pristine condition for a camera that has not been manufactured for decades. This package comes complete with a long list of accessories, and the camera is ready to shoot. There are no defects with this camera, which can be described as flawless. The perfect camera package for any 16mm enthusiast.


You have to see it to believe it!






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Sony A7S III

Unlock the unparalleled potential of the Sony α7S III camera, armed with sensational features such as mind-blowing high sensitivity, soaring to an expanded ISO of up to 409600. Revel in […]

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16-35mm Canon f/2.8 L Series EF Mount (S/N 118307)

This Canon lens is a part of the renowned L-series and is a versatile wide-angle zoom lens that is highly reliable. Its exceptional optical capabilities are due to the presence of specialized elements, which include three aspherical elements and two ultra-low dispersion glass elements. These elements effectively reduce various types of aberrations, resulting in sharper and clearer images. Additionally, the lens is coated with SWC and ASC coatings, which effectively minimize lens flare and ghosting, resulting in improved color accuracy and contrast.

The lens is also equipped with a ring-type Ultrasonic Motor, which offers speedy, quiet, and smooth autofocus performance. Moreover, the lens features full-time manual focus operation and an internal focusing design. It is also dust and water-resistant, and the front and rear elements are protected with fluorine coatings, which effectively shield against fingerprints and smudges, ensuring that image quality is not affected.

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Brand New O’Connor 2575D Fluid Head

Brand new


  • S/N C1234-F2200478


The 2575D Fluid Head is the ultimate choice, boasting a revolutionary sinusoidal counterbalance system that delivers precise and consistent balance throughout the entire tilt range. This top-of-the-line fluid head can accommodate cameras weighing up to 90 lb and features stepless, ultra-smooth fluid drag for unparalleled control and stability during film-style shooting.



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Used Abakus Scientific 265

Product Highlights:
– The Abakus 265 is an extension for viewfinder eyepieces on video cameras and camcorders. When shooting film style, while utilizing a tripod, the videographer will operate with ease using this extension. It makes the viewfinder more accessible at various angles and lessens the likeliness of camera shake.
– The Abakus Eyepiece Extender has been designed to increase the comfort and efficiency of professional camera people who operate their TV cameras mounted away from their bodies on tripods etc.
– The overall effect is to improve operator efficiency during the shoot by making operations ergonomically better by using the Abakus Eyepiece Extender so that the image is closer to the eye.
– Abakus offers an adaptation to viewfinders from Sony, Panasonic, and Thompson cameras.

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*SOLD* Used Alexa Classic Plus Camera Package S/N: 3038

Custom modified to adapt to all of the demands of today’s production requirements.

  • In Good Working Condition
  • S/N: 3038
  • 5976 Hours
  • PL Mount



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Used Alexa Classic Plus Camera Package S/N: 4180

Custom modified to adapt to all of the demands of today’s production requirements.

  • In Good Working Condition
  • S/N: 4180
  • 6117 Hours
  • PL Mount





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