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*SOLD* Used Panasonic Varicam 35 4K Camera Package S/N: K4TAA0059

In good working condition.

Please contact us with any questions



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Panasonic BT-LH910 9″ LCD Monitor w/ Teradek Bolt 500 Wireless Director’s Monitor

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Panasonic BT-LH910 9″ LCD Monitor with Teradek Bolt 500

Panasonic BT-LH910 9″ LCD Monitor

This high-performance, portable 9-inch LCD monitor with its new IPS LCD panel boasts best-in-class 1280 x 768 WXGA pixel resolution. Perfect for field and studio applications, the LH910 can be […]

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Panasonic BT-LH910 9" LCD Monitor

Panasonic 17″ SDI Monitor

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Panasonic 17" SDI Monitor


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Panasonic 42″ Plasma Monitor

Model: TH-42PWD6

Download Panasonic TH-42PWD6 Manual

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Panasonic AJ-HD130 DCP, Portable 1080i/720p DVCPRO HD Desktop VTR

Small, lightweight and easy to carry, the AC/DC-poweredAJ-HD130DC joins the DVCPRO HD series of recorders withsuperior HD (1080i/720p) pictures and 8-channel audio.

The AJ-HD130DC is around the same size as a waveformmonitor and weighs less than 20 lbs. Accommodating both AC and DC power sources, it can be used on a desktop, in the field, in an OB van, or just about anywhere. The built-in HD/SD down converter allows image checks with existing SD monitors and simultaneous HD/SD data transmission.

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Panasonic AJ-D95 DCP, DVCPRO 50 NTSC Recorder

The AJ-D95DCP is a multi-purpose digital VTR which is capable not only of 525i/50 Mbps recording and playback using 1/4-inch wide compact cassette tapes but of recording and playback onto existing DVCPRO (25 Mbps) cassette tapes as well.

This VTR, with its high picture quality due to its use of digital compression technology, significantly reduces the deterioration in the quality of both sound and picture accompanying dubbing operations.

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Used Abakus Scientific 265

Product Highlights:
– The Abakus 265 is an extension for viewfinder eyepieces on video cameras and camcorders. When shooting film style, while utilizing a tripod, the videographer will operate with ease using this extension. It makes the viewfinder more accessible at various angles and lessens the likeliness of camera shake.
– The Abakus Eyepiece Extender has been designed to increase the comfort and efficiency of professional camera people who operate their TV cameras mounted away from their bodies on tripods etc.
– The overall effect is to improve operator efficiency during the shoot by making operations ergonomically better by using the Abakus Eyepiece Extender so that the image is closer to the eye.
– Abakus offers an adaptation to viewfinders from Sony, Panasonic, and Thompson cameras.

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Teradek Bolt 3000 Single System

Transmit uncompressed 1080p video wirelessly over 3000 feet line-of-sight with the Teradek Bolt Pro 3000 Wireless Video Transmitter/Receiver Set. Included in this set are a Teradek Bolt Pro 3000 transmitter […]

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Teradek Bolt 3000 Rental