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Sachtler DV-8 Fluid Head, 75mm Tripod & Spreader System

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Sachtler DV-8 Fluid Head

Used Heavy Duty Spreaders

All spreaders are fully serviced and have new Bungee™ elastic tie-downs. Manufacture and cosmetic condition of spreaders will vary.

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Used Heavy Duty Spreader

Hollywood HD Spreader

The Hollywood HD Spreader is an A.G.E.-engineered ground spreader for Sachtler, O’Connor, and Ronford-Baker tripods. It improves upon the classic industry standard design, resulting in a robust, heavy-duty construction that is built to last. Each leg is infinitely adjustable and engraved with a vernier scale, allowing the user to quickly achieve accurate tripod leg balance. The leg tie-downs are made from original Bungee™ material, and all parts are machined from solid 6061 aluminum which adds additional strength. Stainless steel screws and pins are used to avoid rust when used on wet ground. The design is topped off with silver and black anodizing, producing a beautiful, sleek finish.


Weight: 4 lbs
Collapsed leg length (from center hub): 16″
Extended leg length (from center hub): 24″

Made in the USA

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Hollywood HD Spreader

Traveller J-20 Jib

Purchase includes:

  • Traveller 18 Jib Arm Crane
  • Counter Balance Weights
  • Tripod & Rolling spreader
  • ACPower Supply
  • Monitor Mounting Plate w / V-lock or anton Bauer bettery SD A/C & D/C
  • Remote Controls – FIZ (LANC, Panasonic & ENG) & Start / Stop
  • (2) Compact Cases – 1 suitcase & 1 rolling

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Traveller J-20 Jib

Fluid Heads & Tripods

Fluid Heads Tripods & Spreaders  

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O'Connor 2575D