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Panasonic AJ-HD130 DCP, Portable 1080i/720p DVCPRO HD Desktop VTR

Small, lightweight and easy to carry, the AC/DC-poweredAJ-HD130DC joins the DVCPRO HD series of recorders withsuperior HD (1080i/720p) pictures and 8-channel audio.

The AJ-HD130DC is around the same size as a waveformmonitor and weighs less than 20 lbs. Accommodating both AC and DC power sources, it can be used on a desktop, in the field, in an OB van, or just about anywhere. The built-in HD/SD down converter allows image checks with existing SD monitors and simultaneous HD/SD data transmission.

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Panasonic AJ-HD130 DCP, Portable 1080i/720p DVCPRO HD Desktop VTR

And Just Like That

And Just Like That (2021-) HBO Max, Sky Comedy, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Created by: Michael Patrick King, Darren Star Cinematography by: Tim Norman & Wylda Bayron

Sennheiser EW 100 G3 Wireless Lavalier Kit

  • In good working condition


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Block Battery HCL-435


A Dual Voltage cartridge based Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) block designed for high power light applications requiring 48 and/or 24vdc. The HCL-435 utilizes the “Safe Lithium” technology to provide 435WHrs of reliable power for more than 1000 life cycles. Using the SkyPlate and the integrated power regulator, the HCL-435 mounts directly on the back of any SkyPanel light and powers the light at 100% for approximately one hour.

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Cinematographer: Steve Gainer, ASC, ASK

Everly Poster


Network: MTV Cinematographer: Steve Gainer, ASC, ASK

Sweet/Vicious Poster


TV Series (2011-2016) Network: MTV Cinematographer: Steve Gainer, ASC, ASK

Awkward TV Poster


Network: ABC Series Directors: David Katzenberg, Lea Thompson, Jay Chandrasekhar, Christine Lakin, Richie Keen Cinematographer: Steve Gainer, ASC, ASK


Revar Cine Rota-Pola 6.6×6.6/162mm (with or w/o Polarizer)

We are excited to introduce the 6.6×6.6 Rotating Polarizer, with 1.5 stops of light loss. The new tray houses an unmounted 162mm circular polarizer and is made to interface with 6.6×6.6 matte boxes. Like its older brother, it is designed and manufactured in the USA from the same aircraft-grade aluminum and poly materials. The tray is also available without glass so you can purchase your own polarizer or special effects filters from leading manufacturers.

SKU (with glass): 1056-ROTAPOL66
SKU (w/o glass): 1056-ROTANG66

Manufactured & Distributed Exclusively by Alan Gordon Enterprises.

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Revar Cine Rota-Pola 6.6x6.6/162mm with Circular Polarizer - front view

Nikon Nikkor 300mm f2.0 ED Telephoto Lens

  • In good working condition
  • 2×3 Rear Rotating Stage
  • S/N: 182537


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Nikon Nikkor 300mm f2.0 ED Telephoto Lens - Front Element